Saving is not just about piggy banks. Learn and have fun with the Fat Sparrows' tips.

During times of bonanza, there are two kinds of players: those who save and those who squander. The dialogues are simple and make it easy to understand the common thread through the story. When times change, the consequences for the wasteful will be sobering. The possibility of applying for a loan will involve the risks of failing to meet obligations on time. With the key words: "Use" for the necessary things, "Save" a part regularly, "sow" to have more, and "share" to be generous; the book invites and educates children and adults to use the money, plan, and act appropriately, proposing that systematically saving will become a habit with a particular purpose, being the main objective a benefit for all family members.

Tu plan de vida en Estados Unidos

Turn the challenge of living in the United States into a great opportunity, with the tools to make your dreams come true.

Staring a new life in a different country can be overwhelming. Where to begin? You must prepare documents, plan finances, learn the culture, and more. Your life plan in the United States prepares you to face all the challenges and new things that you will find when starting this fresh adventure. With the guidance of the finance expert, Elaine King, President of the Family and Money Institute, you will find the answers to all your questions on topics such as preparing your documents, developing a work strategy, planning your finances, and integrating into your new community.

When moving to the United States, this country is giving you the opportunity to start a new life and build a fresh future. The advice of Elaine King, based on her professional and personal experience prepares you for a faster and easier adjustment to this great change. Following the recommendations of Your life plan in the United States, will open the doors to a world of possibilities, and sooner than you imagine, you'll feel welcome and make this country your home.

Family and Money's promise is to help us learn to manage our money. Of course, this requires work and effort on our part, but the tools offered throughout this book are easily understood. This is not a finance or accounting book. This makes it accessible to every reader who ever wondered what to do with their money or why their wallet is always empty. King's book reveals strategies and simple exercises to put into practice the necessary techniques for recognizing the family dynamics and emotions regarding money, identify your financial personality, teach your children the value of money, communicate better with your partner about the family budget, and how to plan so that you and your family can thrive. There are many books about how to handle money, but few will help you understand our own relationship with it. Without understanding such relationship, it is very difficult to change the way in which one saves, spends, invests and protects money. Family and money is written in simple language and easy-to-understand concepts. Recommended reading to adults at different stages of their financial plan. -

book-family-money-matters Would you rather learn about money now and have the necessary knowledge to be successful later? You can do it. Family and Money Matters (Asuntos de Familia y Dinero) offers extensive information and life lessons that can help you achieve your goals and dreams. Know how:
  • Your energy affects everything you do
  • Your family influences your educational, financial, social and spiritual accomplishments
  • Manage, save, invest, protect and share your money

Family and Money Matters (Asuntos de Familia y Dinero) is divided into practical lessons, exercises and tips that you can implement today. The four disciplines and pillars that everyone should follow are compared with the behavior of four characters.

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