She has been the host of the longer-lasting economic show on air in the history of Peruvian television: Rumbo Económico; 10 years interviewing president and world leaders. Solid experience in the efficient management of highly complex and diverse issues, with remarkable multi-audience communication skills. High synthesis ability translated into colloquial language.

Professional Background
Currently, correspondent for the largest Latin American network in the United States: Univision. Experience working with leading media companies such as; Canal N, Diario Gestión, Frecuencia Latina, Revista Caretas, Red Global, Antena 3, ATV.

Educational Achievements
Communicator, University of Lima, Peru




Chief Editor, Diario Gestión. Journalist by decision and economist by training, specialized in business journalism in Diario Gestión for 20 years.

Professional Background
Previous professional experience at the Instituto Nacional de Planificación (National Institute of Planning); he was an advisor to the Deputy Minister of Economy, the MEF and consultant in several UNDP projects.

Educational Achievements
He graduated with a degree in Economic Engineering from the Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería (National University of Engineering)




General Manager CCR S.A.

Professional Background
Previously held positions: General Manager Novasalud, Senior Consultant Malaga - Webb, Central Manager Aeroperú, CEO at Ever Peru, CEO at Gillette (Peru, USA, Mexico), and Group Manager at Procter & Gamble (Peru, Canada).

Educational Achievements
Industrial Engineer from the Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria (Peru) and Master of International Business at the University of Ohio




CEO Rais Vida & Inlingua Peru
Recognized as one of the most respected women in Peru, member of the group named "Mujeres Batalla" and winner of several leadership awards.

Professional Background
Elia is a member of the board of private enterprises, such as ACP Group, Chairman of the Board for SECURA, member of the board: Aprenda, Ilender Corporation, Labot, Ilender veterinary products, as well as for NPOs: Owit Peru. AMUBA and B2D. She served as President of CADE Estudiantil (2006), of OWIT Peru, and has been a member of the board of directors on several important institutions such as AMCHAM, IPAE, ALAFARPE, Peru 2021 and LAWG.

Educational Achievements
Master of Engineering and civil engineer from the University of Texas at Austin, Master of Business Administration, ESAN (Peru), and PAD from Universidad de Piura (Peru).




Expert in planning, management control, projects management and human resources. Implementation and monitoring of investment projects with international cooperation agencies such as the World Bank.

Professional Background
Experience working for national government and political leading institutions towards achieving results, by motiving teams to reach its objectives. Over 20 years experience in private and major public works. Ability to establish good communication at all levels of an the organization.

Educational Achievements
Industrial Engineer, Universidad de Lima, Peru