When it comes to achieving financial stability, saving is not enough. Money, if it does not work, stops having the same value. Let’s say you want to buy a land worth $15,000. If your goal is to acquire the property in five years, and you start saving today, it is possible that you gather the 15,000 dollars on the planned date. However, due to factors such as inflation and the risings in the real estate market, it is likely that within five years, the same land is worth more than $ 20,000. Read more
Your money and your wealth has meant a lot of work and, sometimes, great sacrifices. What you have is the product of a long-time effort and therefore, it is very important that you learn how to protect it. When we talk about patrimony protection, we are not limiting to money care issues, or security in connection with a robbery. It is going a step further and thinking what would happen in extreme situations, if you do not take protective measures now. Read more

Family Resources

22 Jul,2013
A model family is one that offers its members all they need to develop to the fullest. I is important to have different resources, and know how to balance them, so that they meet the needs of all members. The assets of a family can be divided into human, social, intellectual, and financial; and none is more relevant than the other. The important thing is having a balance in which all these elements are considered significant, are managed, and grow with the effort of the family as a whole. Thus, it is equally important to save to achieve our financial… Read more
While it is true that saving is extremely important to maintain healthy finances, planning is another key aspect. Planning involves having a clear and realistic knowledge of our income, our expenses, and the needs we must meet; in addition to setting the critical path to achieve our purposes. Getting started is simple: you need to know how much you earn and how much you spend. Make a list of all your monthly fixed expenses to realize the aspects in which you can save and avoid unnecessary expenses. Saving has more sense through planning: if you clearly know what your goals… Read more
Financial security is relevant to all families. Knowing that you have the resources to cover all your needs alleviates stress and allows you to make significant decisions about what you want for your future and that of your family. The concept that we commonly associate with financial security is saving: saving is important to achieve greater benefits, but in itself does not guarantee stability. To make your money grow and have what you need, not only now but in the future (when you want to retire, or when it’s time for children in your family to go to college), it… Read more
Most adults know that saving is important. We know the difficulties that can arise when an unforeseen event leaves us without resources to cope, and understand that we can achieve major goals by saving. However, not all of us have the habit of saving. We save only small amounts, in a disorderly manner, and always wait for "the next opportunity," making excuses as to how difficult the economic situation is, and the increase on prices of basic products. If you look carefully and honestly at your own consumption habits, it’s very likely you’ll discover that several of your monthly expenses… Read more
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