Advocate financial education

When one evolves, everything around them evolves... Advocate financial education in your community today.


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Invest in an incredibly important person – YOU!

- Your drive affects everything you do

- Your family influences your education, financial, social and spiritual achievements

- Manage, save, invest, protect and share your money

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elaineElaine King is an expert in wealth planning, providing families with financial strategies and helping them understand, organize, and manage their money. She advises her clients or retirement planning, saving for education, estate planning, and financial competency. Elaine is the author of the book "Family and Money Matters" published in November. Read More


picture events2Elaine deliver presentations on best practices for successful legacy families, young adults and women from a variety of organizations, institutions, corporations, universities, non-profit organizations, and schools. Read More

In the Media

Entrevista Ruth Castillejo, Directora Ejecutiva de IFAYDI en Radio Capital
Ruth Castillejo, Directora Ejecutiva de IFAYDI, con Jesus Veliz y Mariella Patriau por Capital TV
Ruth Castillejo, Directora Ejecutiva de IFAYDI en RPP Radio con Chema Salcedo
Entrevista a Ruth Castillejo, Directora Ejecutiva de IFAYDI en Central de Informacion por  RPP TV
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